Arnott Offers Air Struts for the Audi A8

Arnott's air struts are backed by the company's limited lifetime warranty in North America and the European Union.
<p>Arnott's air struts&nbsp;are&nbsp;backed by the company's limited lifetime warranty in&nbsp;North America and the European Union.</p>

Arnott Air Suspension Products has introduced new, not remanufactured, Arnott-engineered aftermarket right and left front air struts for the 2002 to 2009 Audi A8 (D3 chassis) with comfort and sport suspension.

Arnott's new aftermarket air struts for the Audi A8 replace OEM part numbers 4E0616040AF, 4E0616040AH, 4E0616040T, 4E061604AB, 4E0616040R (front right comfort suspension) and 4E0616039AF, 4E0616039AH, 4E0616039T, 4E0616039AB, 4E0616039R (front left comfort suspension).

Arnott part numbers for the comfort suspension air struts are AS-2775 and AS-2776. A detailed installation manual is available for download.

A sport suspension also is offered that replaces OEM part numbers 4E0616040AA, 4E0616040AJ, 4E0616040AK (front right sport suspension) and 4E0616039AA, 4E0616039AJ, 4E0616039AK (front left sport suspension).

Arnott part numbers for the sport suspension air struts are AS-2777 and AS-2778. A detailed installation manual also is available for download.

Designed, assembled and tested in the U.S., Arnott's new aftermarket front air struts replace the OE air struts and feature a new custom-tuned shock absorber calibrated to restore the vehicle's original ride control and performance. The Arnott struts include a new air bladder from Continental ContiTech protected by an aluminum can along with a CNC-machined top mount made from aircraft-quality aluminum.

The new air struts include Arnott's long-lasting seals, new O-rings, new bumpstop, new heavy-duty crimping rings, new air fitting and connector valve, along with a dust boot to protect the strut.

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