Vibration in 4WD

Some owners of a 2007-2012 Mazda CX-7 4WD vehicle may notice a vibration from the floor and/or steering wheel during acceleration at approximately 50 mph. To eliminate the concern, the amount of velocity joint grease was increased during production.

Before test driving the vehicle, remove the driver side front scuff plate (inner) and front side trim to gain access to the 4WD control module.

Drive the vehicle to confirm the vibration occurs in 4WD.

Disconnect the connector (A) for the 4WD control module (B).

Test drive the vehicle again. If the vibration is gone, replace the propeller shaft.

If the vibration remains, continue troubleshooting according to online instructions on MS3 or the workshop manual. The propeller shaft is available as P/N PH01-25-100C.

Reconnect the 4WD control module connector and install the other parts in reverse order of removal.

Connect the M-MDS and clear the DTCs (U0114.8 and/or U0114.20) that were stored when the 4WD control module connector was disconnected.

A: 4WD module connector. B: 4WD control module. C: Propeller shaft.
<p>A: 4WD module connector. B: 4WD control module. C: Propeller shaft.</p>

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