Finicky Chrysler Start

Owners of 2012 Chrysler 300 LX vehicles equipped with a 3.6L engine may experience a condition where they have to press the start button three times before the engine will start. The technician may also find DTC B1A80-00 (electronic steering column lock communication performance).

This is caused by the electronic steering column lock (ESCL) not sending a proper unlock-successful message to the RF hub.

Updating the software will correct this condition.

1. Install a battery charger to ensure that battery voltage does not drop below 13.2 volts or above 13.5 volts during the flash process. Flash reprogram the RF hub using wiTECH.

2, After the flash has been performed, turn the ignition switch off. This will allow the active codes to become stored.

3. Turn the ignition switch on.

4. Clear any DTCs that may have been set due to reprogramming.

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