Tracer Products Adds Adapter for EZ-Ject Dye Injector Kit

Tracer Products says its EZ-Ject Injector Kit for all R-134a A/C systems is fast and accurate with no messy clean-up.
<p>Tracer Products says its EZ-Ject Injector Kit for all R-134a A/C systems is fast and accurate with no messy clean-up.</p>

Tracer Products’ Tracerline EZ-Ject Injector Kit (TP-9841CS) is designed for all R-134a A/C systems. The kit works with R-1234yf systems when used with the new TP-9831CS adapter.

The kit consists of an EZ-Ject injection tool and multi-dose EZ-Ject disposable cartridge prefilled with 0.5 oz (14.8 ml) of universal/ester dye that services up to 14 vehicles.

The injector’s hose connects to the low-side service port, and with a simple turn of a handle, adds the exact amount of dye into an A/C system. The dye can be injected whether the system is off or running. The company says it’s fast and accurate with no messy clean-up.

To find leaks, add the dye to the A/C system and let it circulate. Wherever the refrigerant escapes, so does the dye, which remains at all leak sites. When the system is scanned with a high-intensity Tracerline inspection lamp, the dye glows brightly, pinpointing the exact source of each and every leak. Universal/ester A/C dye is co-solvent free and OEM approved to meet or exceed SAE J2297 standard. It will not impair lubricant properties, which could cause damage to system components. The kit is available in four-color clamshell packaging and includes:

* EZ-Ject injector assembly;

* R-134a hose/coupler with check valve;

* purge fitting; and

* one ½ oz (14.8 ml) universal/ester multi-dose A/C dye cartridge.

For more information, call toll-free 1-800-641-1133 (outside the U.S. and Canada, call 516-333-1254), or check us out at

Tracer Products is a division of Spectronics Corp.

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