A Greasy Fix

Some 2009-2011 Mazda6 vehicles produced before April 26, 2011, may exhibit a click or pop noise from the front brakes during slow braking. The noise may occur while the vehicle is moving forward or rearward. The noise may be caused by the front brake pad backing plates contacting the mounting support.

A specialized grease is applied to the pad backing plate and retainer to eliminate this noise.

1. Verify the concern.

2. Remove the front brake pads.

3. Evenly apply Mazda brake pad grease 0000-77-0834-TB to the outboard tangs on the backing plate and to the upper and lower edge of the tangs. Naturally, avoid contaminating the friction material.

4. NOTE: The caliper guide pin boots should also be replaced using P/N B25D-33-692.

Note the areas of the front brake pad’s backing plate for grease application.
<p>Note the areas of the front brake pad&rsquo;s backing plate for grease application.</p>

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