Nissan 4 LO Switch Fix

This bulletin applies to 2004 Nissan Titan vehicles built before January 15, 2004. The “4 LO” light may flash in all of the 4WD shift switch positions. Also, the “ATP” light may be on when the transmission is in the Park position.

Replacing the ATP switch will correct the problem. The ATP switch is located on the transfer case, in close proximity to the front drive shaft.

The new ATP switch is available as P/N 32006-7S160. Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant #565 is also required. The thread sealant is available through a parts supplier, or under Nissan P/N 999MP-AM002P.

Replace the ATP switch. Use Permatex #565 thread sealant to seal the switch threads.

Tighten the new switch to a value of 21 ft.-lbs. Make sure that the harness connector is securely re-connected to the switch.

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