BMW A/C Glitch

This bulletin applies to BMW E82, E88 (1 Series), E90 and E93 (3 Series) vehicles equipped with the N54 engine and produced up to 2-27-2010. The A/C system may be producing no or minimal cooling output.

The clamp on the charged air pipe may be rubbing against the A/C pressure line on the compressor-condenser when the engine is running, causing damage to the pressure line.

Check for any damage around the compressor-condenser pressure line and the charged air pipe.

If damage is found, evacuate the refrigerant in accordance with the REP 64 52 …”instructions for opening and replacing parts in the refrigerant circuit for drawing off, evacuating and filling the air conditioner system.”

Remove the rear left charge air duct. Replace the compressor-condenser pressure line with refrigerant line P/N 64 50 4 239 966. Install the rear left charge air duct.

Refill the system with the specified amount of refrigerant, following the REP 64 52 instructions.

Make sure that the clamp on the charged air pipe is positioned to prevent rubbing contact. Verify that the gap between the radiator hose connection clamp and the screw head of the charged air pipe clamp is at least 60 mm.

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