Chevy Communication Breakdown

This bulletin applies to 2010-2011 Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles, where dash messages “Intermittent Service Stability, Service Traction and Service All Wheel Drive” messages are found. Stored DTCs can include C0186, C0196, C0710, U0125, U0126, U1826 and U1827.

The technician may find DTC U0125 (loss of multi-axis communication) along with C0186 and/or C0196. If this is an all-wheel-drive system, the vehicle may have DTCs U1826 (loss multi-axis) or U1827 (loss of SAS) set in the rear differential control module. Another example may be U0126 (loss of SAS) along with code C0710.

If, after normal diagnostics, the cause of the fault is not found, check X210 connector in the right side IP lower kick panel. Inspect to make sure the dock and lock style connector is fully latched. Disconnect X210 and check for terminal fretting, pin fit and add dielectric grease to the connector.

For 2010 models only, check the J307 splice for circuit 2087 D-GN wire for corrosion or partially broken wire strands at the splice crimp. Upon inspection the wire may easily break off when moving the harness. Complete any needed wire repair and clear the codes. Starting in 2011, the J307 splices were moved to the left side of the driver seat, inside the plastic channel.

Check the X210 connector to see if it fully latched.
<p>Check the X210 connector to see if it fully latched.</p>

Check the wire splices in the circuit 2087 D-GN wire (2010 models).
<p>Check the wire splices in the circuit 2087 D-GN wire (2010 models).</p>

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