Cop Car Correction

Note the foam tape wrapped around the jumper connector that connects to the body harness.
<p>Note the foam tape wrapped around the jumper connector that connects to the body harness.</p>

This bulletin applies to 2012 Dodge Charger police vehicles equipped with the 5.7L engine. The technician may find DTCs B1642-15, B16AF-15, B1646-15 or B16B3-15. Repairs may involve reconfiguring the Police Vehicle Central Body Controller (CBC) and installing two tail lamp jumper harnesses.

Using a scan tool, verify that no other DTCs are present. If they are, record and correct these issues before proceeding.

1. Using wiTECH, reconfigure the vehicle. This routine is available under the Diagnostic Procedures tab found on the home “Vehicle View” page of wiTECH.
2. Using wiTECH, clear any DTCs which may have set during the reconfiguration.
3. Disconnect the isolate the negative battery cable.
4. Open the trunk and pull back the left and right quarter trim panels to gain access to the tail lamp connectors.
5. Disconnect the tail lamp connectors from the tail lamp assembly.
6. Take one of the jumper harnesses from the kit (P/N 6819249AA) and connect the jumper harness to the tail lamp and the body harness.
7. Repeat this for the opposite side tail lamp. Make sure that the connectors are properly attached. Push the connectors together and listen for a click noise from the lock tab.

8. Gently pull back on the connector to make sure the connectors are locked in place.
9. Cut two pieces of foam tape four inches long each.
10. Wrap the foam tape around the jumper harness connector that is connected to the body harness.
11. Place the wire harness back in its proper location.
12. Reinstall the trim panels and reconnect the negative battery cable.

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