Glitch May Slow Your Mustang Down

Some 2011-2014 Ford Mustangs equipped with a 6R80 transmission and built on or before 4-8-2013 may exhibit a transmission engagement in 5th gear when starting. The “wrench” indicator and/or the seat belt minder may be illuminated, and the speedometer may read zero and the odometer may display dashes when driving.

Symptoms may clear after an ignition key cycle. DTCs P0720 and P0722 may or may not be stored in the PCM.

Replace the molded leadframe on the main control assembly. Refer to workshop manual section 307-01 (Shift Solenoids). The new molded leadframe is available as P/N AL3Z-7G276-A.

According to the bulletin, replacement of shift solenoids is not required for this procedure.

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