Rich Audi

Owners of a 2005 Audi A4 Cabriolet may complain of a long cranking engine at operating temperature. No DTC may be stored in ECM memory.

One or more of the fuel injectors may be stuck open, allowing fuel to enter the combustion chamber when the engine is hot, causing a rich condition and a delayed start.

1. Bring the engine to operating temperature and continue to hold the engine at 3,000 rpm for an additional five minutes so that the engine is hot.

2, Record MVB 140 to determine rail pressure, which should be at about 35 bar.

3. Turn the engine off.

4. Monitor MVB 140. If pressure decreases to 25 bar within 10 minutes, remove the spark plug and check to determine which injector is leaking fuel into the cylinder.

5. Replace the leaking injector(s).

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