Chevy Dirty Deeds

This bulletin applies to 2013-2014 Chevy Impalas equipped with a 2.0 LTG, 2.5 LCV or 2.5 LKW engine. In “rare instances” the technician may find P0011 and/or P0014 codes set in the ECM as history or current.

If normal diagnostics do not lead to a resolution, remove the camshaft solenoids and inspect the screens for debris.

If debris is present, clean the screens with brake cleaner. Reinstall the solenoids and evaluate if the DTC still sets.

If the code resets or if the screen did not have debris, remove the camshaft actuator associated with the DTC(s). Using light air pressure, blow out the oil passages through the camshaft actuator solenoid port in the head while holding a rag over the camshaft actuator oil passages to prevent oil from spraying out.

Lubricate the camshaft solenoid seal(s) with clean engine oil and reinstall. Install a new camshaft actuator associated with the code(s). Evaluate and monitor camshaft actuator activity.

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