Subaru Low Batt

This bulletin applies to 2010 and later Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles. If you encounter a vehicle which has DTC C0074 (with detailed code 5078) and/or DTC C0075 (with detailed code 5088 or 5099) stored in memory, there is the possibility that this is caused by low battery voltage.

The learning value of the brake pressure sensor is recorded every time the IG (ignition) is cycled to the OFF position. If the battery voltage drops below a predetermined value before the recording process has been completed, the learning value is lost and the DTC will be stored and the MIL will be illuminated the next time the ignition is cycled to the ON position. As an example, if the engine is started by jump-starting and the IG is switched to OFF before the battery has regained sufficient voltage, the learning value will be lost.

Conduct “Zero setting of Pressure sensor” according to the following procedure. The vehicle must be parked with the wheels pointing straight forward.

Each System Check

  • Brake Control System
  • ABS/VDC System
  • Function Check Sequence

Press [Ctrl], [Alt] and [V] at the same time when the menu list “Function Check Sequence” is displayed. “Zero setting mode of Pressure sensor” will appear in the menu list.

Select “Zero setting mode of Pressure sensor”. Make sure that your foot is not on the brake pedal. Press “Yes” to continue. Follow the screen prompts.

Delete DTC C0074 and/or DTC C0075 from memory.

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