Sparky Needs a Lube

Owners of a 2012-2013 Chevy Spark may comment that the keyless entry remote is inoperative at times. This may be caused by the ignition key cylinder door sticks in the up position.When this happens, it will disable the keyless remote start and the door lock functions.

Customers may notice a chime sound when the key is out of the ignition and the driver door is open. The likely cause is a sticking ignition key cylinder door on the plunger to the micro switch. GM suggests not to replace the ignition key cylinder.

Use a Lubriplate-type of lubrication spray and lubricate the ignition key cylinder door. Insert the tip of the key in and out to verify that the door of the cylinder is not sticking.

Shown here is the ignition key door in the correct position.
<p>Shown here is the ignition key door in the correct position.</p>

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