Fiesta Time

Some 2011 Ford Fiesta vehicles may exhibit a MIL on with DTC U029F set in the PCM and/or a no-crank condition with no communication with the PCM.

1. Disconnect the battery.

2. Inspect fuse F27 in the battery junction box (BJB) for a possible open condition. Replace the fuse as required.

3. Remove the rear set cushion.

4. Determine the vehicle build date. If the build date is on or before 3/29/2011, install the in-line fuse included with the Natural Vacuum Leak Detection (NVLD) service kit. Follow the instructions included with the kit. If the build date is after 3/29/2011, inspect the in-line NVLD fuse.

a. Fuse open: Replace 1A fuse and install a new NVLD service kit.

b. Fuse closed: Install the rear seat cushion, connect the battery and continue with normal diagnostics (refer to Powertrain Control/Emission Diagnosis manual, pinpoint test HZ.


AE8Z-9J279-L……..NVLD module and hose assembly: 4-door

AE8Z-9J279-M…….NVLD module and hose assembly: 5-door

9L3Z-14526-BA…...BJB fuse

BE8Z-14526-AA…..1A fuse

In-line NVLD fuse.
<p>In-line NVLD fuse.</p>

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