Mustang Axle Vent

Some 2005-2011 Ford Mustangs with the axle vent on the right side may exhibit a heavy fluid leak from the rear axle vent after hard acceleration.

1. Inspect the rear drive axle for an oil leak from the rattle cap vent located on the right side axle tube. If oil is dripping from the vent, a service replacement is available to correct this condition. If only light oil residue is visible, this is a normal condition.

2. Remove and discard the rattle cap vent and clean any oil residue using isopropyl alcohol or suitable cleaner.

3. Install differential vent P/N AR3Z-4A058-B and torque to 15 ft-lbs.

4. Remove the fill plug and inspect fluid level. Adjust as needed with Motorcraft SAE 75W-140 synthetic rear axle lube and XL-3 Motorcraft friction modifier.

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