Wrong Ram End-Links?

This bulletin applies to 2012 4x2 Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles built between Oct. 3, 2011, and Oct. 13, 2011. 4x4 front stabilizer links may have been installed on 4x2 vehicles. If one of the two links are replaced at a later date with the correct 4x2 link, the customer may notice a slight lean in the vehicle of less than 1 inch on the right or left side.

Raise the vehicle on a hoist and measure the length of the right and left side stabilizer links. On a 4x2 vehicle, the links should measure 3-9/16-inch (90 mm).

If not, replace both links with P/N 5072934AE.

Measure the links as shown here at callout 1.
<p>Measure the links as shown here at callout 1.</p>

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