Caddy Hybrid Wiring Harness

This bulletin applies to 2012 Cadillac Escalade ESV hybrid models that stores any of the following DTCs:

P0A2B, P0A2D, P0AA31, P0A32, P0A33, P0A2C, P0A3F, P1B03, P0A40, P0A45, P0C61, P0A46, P0C52, P0C5C, P0C57, P1B04, P181C, P2181D, P181E, P181F, P183A, P183B, P183C, P183D, P183E, P183F, P184A OR P184B.

Diagnostics of any one or combination of these DTCs may lead to an internal transmission wiring harness concern.

If the internal wiring harness if found to be the root cause of any of the above listed DTCs, do not attempt to repair the internal wiring harness. The internal wiring harness must be replaced if it is found to be causing the concern.

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