Noisy BMW

This bulletin applies to 2012 BMW 640i models. Rattling noises may be heard from the instrument panel where the defroster vents are located.

1. Verify the complaint by pushing down on the defroster vents. If a noise can be heard, proceed to the next step.

2. Remove the instrument panel.

3. Remove the affected defroster vent by prying up with a nylon tool to release the clips.

4. Cut to size and glue one layer of foam padding to the A-pillar end of the affected vent. The vent(s) need to snap in with a certain amount of preload. If necessary, apply a second layer of foam over the first layer to increase the preload.

The foam padding strip is available as P/N 46 63 7 687 064.

Apply foam padding to the end of the vent at the A-pillar side.
<p>Apply foam padding to the end of the vent at the A-pillar side.</p>

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