Oops. Loose Bolts

Some 2011 Volkswagen Routan vehicles may have loose crankshaft-to-transmission torque converter drive plate fasteners. The customer may complain about a knocking/rattling noise.

Remove the transmission and measure the torque on the crank-to-flexplate fasteners. If the fasteners were not tightened at 70 ft.-lbs. (95 Nm), remove the flex plate fasteners, spacer plate and torque converter drive plate. Position a new flex plate P/N 7B0105323A to the crankshaft. Install a new spacer P/N 7B0105341 and eight new fasteners P/N WHT004411. Tighten the fasteners only hand-tight at this time.

Final-torque the fasteners in a crisscross pattern to 70 ft.-lbs. Re-install the transmission.

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