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Caution for Jeep Power Steering Repairs

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During EPS module diagnosis, do not disconnect the gray torque sensor connector.

During electronic power steering (EPS) module electrical diagnosis on a 2016-2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, do not disconnect the gray EPS torque sensor connector on the EPS module.

If the torque sensor connector is disconnected, if one to two ignition cycles occur while the torque sensor harness is disconnected, DTC C2217-00 will be active in the EPS module. This code can be cleared. If three or more ignition cycles occur with the sensor disconnected, DTC C15DB-00 will be active. This code can not be cleared and the gear will need to be replaced.

Note: Disconnecting the torque sensor harness while the EPS module is off the vehicle and not powered up will not generate any DTCs.

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