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Checking Out a Cranky Ford Escape

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In some 2015 Ford Escapes, replacing the BCM (body control module) may be necessary.

Some 2015 Ford Escape vehicles built on Oct. 1, 2014, through Nov. 30, 2014, may exhibit a no-crank condition along with other inoperative electrical systems. Check the 12-volt battery for loose, damaged or corroded connections. Check battery state of charge.

If you find no problems so far, does the vehicle display all of the following KOEO (key on engine off) symptoms?

  • The engine will not crank and electrical accessories will not operate when using the push-to-start button or ignition switch.
  • The remote key does not lock or unlock the vehicle.
  • Hazard warning is inoperative.
  • Interior lights are inoperative.
  • Turn signal lamps are inoperative.
  • Horn is inoperative.
  • No communication with the HS-CAN or MS-CAN networks with the Integrated System (IDS) connected.

If the above issues are found, replace the BCM (body control module). Refer to the workshop manual, Section 419-10. Replace with BCM P/N F1FZ-14A068-E.

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