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Kia Has a Crank Sensor Issue

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Figure A. Note the wave pattern shows no dips or variations.

When encountering an engine misfire with the MIL on in all Kia models with a 3.3L GDI engine, check for the presence of DTC P0315 (crankshaft position sensor CKP variation not learned).

Use the VMI to view the scope pattern of the crankshaft position sensor signal. Verify a good equal crankshaft sensor pattern is present with no dips or variations in the wave pattern as shown in Figure A. If the pattern is identical to Figure A, use GDS/KDS to perform a crank sensor relearn procedure. If the pattern shown in Figure B is seen, replace the flex plate to resolve the concern.

KIA TSB 02.pngFigure B. Example of dip in pattern.


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December 2020

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