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Releasing a Kia Shifter That's Stuck

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Note the “Shift Lock Release” tab.

| All Photo Credits: Mitchell 1

This bulletin applies to all 2014 and later Kia vehicles. If a no-start condition due to a dead battery is encountered and the shifter cannot be moved out of park in order to move the vehicle, utilize the "shift lock release” button to move the shifter from park to neutral.

Do not try to force the shifter from park by aggressively pulling the shifter. Carefully remove the shift lock release tab using a pick tool. Press and hold the brake pedal. Insert a pick tool into the shift lock release hole and press down on the button inside the hole. While pressing the shift lock button, shift the lever into the neutral position.

KIA02.jpgWith the tab cover removed, and while holding the brake pedal down, use a pick tool to press the shift lock release button.


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