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Diesel Jeep Needs Crank Tone Wheel

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JEEP Grand Cherokee Tone Wheel TSB 02.png

1) Flexplate bolts; 2) Backing plate; 3) Flexplate; 4)Counterweight; 5)Tone wheel.

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This bulletin applies to 2014-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles equipped with a V6 turbo 3.0L diesel engine. The MIL may be on accompanied by DTCs P0335-00 (crankshaft position sensor circuit) and P0336-00 (crankshaft position sensor performance.)

JEEP Grand Cherokee Tone Wheel TSB 01.jpgExample of crankshaft tone wheel with missing teeth.


The customer may note that the vehicle will not accelerate quickly over 50 MPH, as the vehicle may be in limp mode.

The symptom is caused by missing magnetic material on the crankshaft tone wheel. This requires replacement of the tone wheel, P/N 68493358AA, wire harness clip P/N CSRGW681AA and the eight flex plate bolts P/N 68161231AA.

JEEP Grand Cherokee Tone Wheel TSB 03.jpgNote the counterweight dowel pin location.


  1. Remove the transmission.
  2. Paint-mark the flexplate-to-hub relationship. 
  3. Remove the bolts, backing plate and flexplate and discard the original flexplate bolts. Caution: Do not use an impact socket or a thick wall socket when removing or installing flexplate bolts, as damage to the crankshaft and transmission could occur.
  4. Remove the counterweight and tone wheel.
  5. Install a new tone wheel.
  6. Make sure that the dowel pin is installed in the dead hole of the counterweight. The other hole is a through hole and is not to be used.
  7. Install the counterweight and make sure that the dowel pin side is inserted into the crankshaft hole for proper counterweight timing. A vibration can occur if installed incorrectly.
  8. Install the flexplate, backing plate and new bolts. Always use new flexplate bolts and do not lubricate the new bolts, as they are already coated with an anti-scuff treatment. Use clean engine oil and lubricate the bolt side of the backing plate.
  9. Using the correct tightening sequence, tighten flexplate bolts to 37 ft-lb (50 Nm). Then loosen one bolt at a time and retighten the bolt in a clockwise pattern to 92 ft-lb (125 Nm). Next, using a torque angle gauge, tighten each bolt an additional 30 degrees in a clockwise cross pattern.
  10. Install the transmission and clear any DTCs.
JEEP Grand Cherokee Tone Wheel TSB 04.pngNote the flexplate bolt tightening sequence.


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