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Cold Acura Has Clunky Suspension

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Remove the self-locking nut while holding the damper shaft with a hex wrench.

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This bulletin applies to 2013-2016 Acura RDX, 2017 RDX 2WD and 2017 RDX 4WD vehicles. A pop or clunk noise may be heard from the rear suspension when driving on rough roads in cold weather with temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Test drive in cold weather to confirm the issue. Park the vehicle in the shop to allow the vehicle to warm to room temperature. Test drive again. If the noise is gone, replace the damper bushings.

ACURA  suspension TSB 02.pngRemove the damper mounting washer and upper damper mount rubber bushing. Install the new upper damper bushing. Reinstall the washer as shown and torque the new center nut to 22 lb-ft.


The rear damper upper mount bushing material is too hard. Replace both rear damper mount bushings.

Bushings are available as P/N 52631-SNA-A22. Also replace the center nut, P/N 90364-SNA-003.

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