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How to Clear the Smoking Lincoln

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Note location of the valve cover adapter.

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Some 2016-2017 Lincoln MKT and 2016 MKS vehicles equipped with a 3.5L GTDI engine may exhibit blue or white smoke from the tailpipe when driving after an extended idle. 

Remove the engine cover and inspect the color of the PCV hose to the valve cover adapter. If the adapter is black, disconnect the PCV hose to the valve cover adapter quick-connect fitting form the valve cover adapter. Note: when the valve cover adapter is removed, damage will occur to the valve cover adapter locking mechanism. Make sure that detached pieces of the locking mechanism do not fall into the open valve cover port during removal. Rotate the adapter counter-clockwise and remove from the valve cover.

Lube the new valve cover adapter O-ring seal with clean engine oil. Install the new green valve cover adapter (available as P/N HL2Z-6762-A) and connect the PCV hose to the adapter. Reinstall the engine cover. Check the engine oil level and add if needed.

Reprogram the PCM using software release 108.01 or higher. Drive the vehicle for 15 minutes or at least 5 miles to clear the exhaust of any residual oil.

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