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Chevy Gears Are Faulty

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Retainer ring 415; input shaft speed sensor reluctor wheel 416, 3-5 reverse clutch piston 417, 3-5-reverse and 4-5-6 clutch housing assembly 422.

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Some owners of a 2016 Chevy Equinox, Impala or Traverse equipped with an automatic transmission may complain about having no third gear or no reverse gear.

DTCs P0716 and/or P0717 may be found as active or history. An erratic input speed signal may be noted. This condition may be caused by the input shaft speed sensor reluctor ring retainer being out of its groove. Replacement of the retainer ring, input shaft speed sensor reluctor wheel, 3-5-reverse clutch piston and 3-5 reverse and 4-5-6 clutch housing. Inspect the replace any other damaged parts as needed.

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