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Ford Fuel Tube Is Knocking

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FORD02 fuel tube TSB.jpg

If equipped, remove the retainers and the floor underbody shields.

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Some 2015-2016 Ford Edge vehicles equipped with a 2.7L EcoBoost engine and built on Oct. 29, 2015, through April 1, 2016, may exhibit a knocking/tapping noise that can be heard in the fuel feed tube that attaches to the high pressure fuel pump on the engine.

FORD01 fuel tube TSB.jpgInspect the oetiker clamp to see if the clamp can be rotated by hand.


This may be due to a loose check valve located in the fuel feed tube.

  1. Inspect the clamp on the fuel feed tube. Can the clamp be rotated by hand on the feed tube? If yes, replace the fuel feed tube and vapor tube.
  2. Release the fuel system pressure.
  3. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  4. If equipped, remove the two retainers and remove the engine appearance cover.
  5. Remove the right hand air cleaner outlet pipe.
  6. If equipped remove the retainers and the floor pan underbody shields.
  7. Remove the retainers and the front crossmember brace.
  8. Disconnect the fuel feed tube-to-fuel tank and vapor tube quick release couplings.
  9. Remove and discard the fuel feed tube, vapor tube and eight mounting brackets. It is not necessary to remove the two brake lines.
  10. On the new fuel/brake line bundle, remove and discard the two brake lines from the fuel/brake line bundle.
  11. Install the new fuel feed tube, vapor tube and eight mounting brackets.
  12. Continue with re-assembly.
FORD03 fuel tube TSB.jpgRemove the front crossmember brace. Torque to 33 ft-lb during assembly.


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