Appealing to Customers With Fuel Efficient Services & Pet Friendly Spaces

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Many pet owners, especially dog owners, are accompanied by their dog wherever they travel. Promoting your shop as pet friendly is a great way to both accommodate the customer and establish your shop as a welcoming location. In Sioux Falls, S.D., the owner of Chris’s Auto Repair drove a customer and her dog home while her vehicle was being serviced.

| Photo Credit: Chris’s Auto Repair

With fuel prices climbing to insane levels, it’s no surprise that your customers are unhappy about the cost of commuting. The situation is even worse for small and large business vehicles (gas and especially diesel) that have to be on the road to make money and keep businesses afloat.

Keep in mind that all goods and services are transported by trucks, and businesses that use trucks of all classes/sizes are hurting due to fuel prices. While routine maintenance is always important, the need to keep a vehicle as efficient as possible is paramount in the effort to conserve precious fuel.

Even though your shop already stresses the need for your customers to keep their vehicles in good working order — maintaining correct tire pressure, wheel alignment, engine efficiency, etc. — when  fuel prices soar, customers need to maximize their fuel efficiency by correcting any issues that waste fuel. Consider going the extra mile and even more diligently emphasizing the need to maintain vehicles now more than ever. Perhaps offer specials on fuel injector cleaning, tire rotation, alignment checks, etc.

This isn’t a version of carpet-bagging or price gouging or trying to take advantage of customer concerns...just the opposite. It’s an effort to help your customers save money in the long run. It should be obvious that heavily promoting your shop maintenance services can help both the shop and the customer.

Pet Friendly

Many of your customers’ families include dogs, cats and perhaps the occasional dwarf goat or other critter that the customer values as much as their child. Consider letting your customers know that their properly-leashed pet is welcome in your waiting area. Many veterans and others who have experienced some sort of trauma now have support dogs that are (and should be) welcome in any business. Why should your shop be any different?

If your location has the room, consider dedicating a special room or specified area for pets and their owners. Advertise and promote this. Establishing and promoting such a program would likely be welcomed by pet owners, and it would attract new customers who appreciate a business that welcomes their furry friends.

You might be surprised how many people who love their pets will flock to your shop.

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