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Engine Wiring Harness Rubs on Audi

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The engine wiring harness may be rubbing on an engine coolant hose.

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This bulletin applies to 2016 Audi A6 vehicles equipped with a four-cylinder engine. The customer may report engine hesitation and/or a yellow EPC light on in the instrument cluster. One or more of the following DTCs may be present, static or sporadic:

  • U010000 (engine control unit, no communication)
  • P022200 (angle sensor 2 for throttle valve drive, signal too small)
  • P063800 (throttle valve module, implausible signal)
  • P022100 (angle sensor 2 for throttle valve drive, implausible signal)
  • P064200 (sender reference voltage A too small)
  • P00B700 (engine cooling insufficient)
  • U012100 (ABS control unit, no communication)
  • U041500 (ABS control unit, implausible signal)
  • U10BD00 (ABS control unit on Flexray data bus, no communication)

The engine wiring harness may have come into contact with an engine coolant hose clamp.

If this is found, repair the wiring as needed and wrap the repaired section with cloth webbed adhesive tape P/N N10592002. Rotate the coolant clamp 25 degrees counter-clockwise so that the tabs face away from the wiring harness. Reposition the wiring harness by removing the retaining clip from the firewall and harness. Place a new retaining clip P/N 3D0971838A onto the firewall. Position the harness to allow for a 10mm gap between the coolant pipe and the harness. Secure the retaining clip onto the harness.

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