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Easy Cure For BMW Coil Fail

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Bosch coil (left) and Delphi coil.

| Photo Credit: BMW

This bulletin applies to all BMW vehicles equipped with the N51 and only N52 engines produced from 2004-2006, N52K and N52T engines. The check engine light may be on, with misfire faults stored in the DME.

The concern may also include intermittent performance or rough running without a relevant DME fault stored. The most likely cause is that an engine coil has failed, which can be conformed with basic diagnosis. During operation with high temperature fluctuations, the different materials used in the Bosch ignition coil construction can deteriorate over time, leading to a failure.

For vehicles with the N51, N52 from 2004-2006 and N52K engines, which have been in service for over 24 months or 10,000 miles during the first visit due to a coil failure, replace all Bosch coils with Delphi coils. If any coils were replaced previously with a Delphi part, it does not need to be replaced.

For the N52T engine, replace all Bosch coils with the replacement Delphi coils. The P/N for the Delphi ignition coil is 12 13 8 616 153.

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