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How to Check Ram Torque Converter Date

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With the starter removed, rotate the crankshaft in order to view the torque converter bar code label.

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This bulletin applies to 2015 Ram 2500, 3500 and 3500 Cab Chassis vehicles equipped with a 6.4L engine and 66RFE automatic transmission and built on or between Sept.10, 2014,and Oct. 1, 2014.

The transmission may slip under high engine load. Inspect the torque converter build date and if necessary replace the converter.

RAM02.jpgRefer only to the first seven digits of the bar code serial number using a mirror.


A small number of torque converters were manufactured with the oil grooves on the internal friction discs too wide. This may result in slippage and premature wear.

Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable. Raise the vehicle and remove the starter to gain access to the inside of the bellhousing. Using a suitable rocket and ratchet, rotate the engine crankshaft clockwise until the bar code label on the torque converter is visible via an inspection mirror. If necessary, mark the torque converter using a marker to verify that full crank rotation has been achieved.

RAM03.jpgThe build date begins with “TTP”.


Only the first seven digits on the bar code serial number will be used to determine replacement. If the bar code is missing, the torque converter is to be considered suspect and should be replaced. Record the serial number beginning with TTP. If the serial number falls between TTP2544xxxxx and TTP2734xxxxx, replace the torque converter.

Replacement torque converter is available as P/N RL143186AB. Use ATF 05013457AA.

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