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Loose Mopar Seat

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Loose Mopar Seat

Owners of 2011-2013 Dodge Challenger or Charger models may complain about the driver and/or front passenger seat moving during acceleration or braking. Upon inspection you may find excess movement of about 1 mm. The fix simply involves replacing the power seat track drive block bolts.

1. You may remove the seat(s), although full removal is not necessary. Lift the seat so that the rear locating pins clear the body, and lean the seat back in the vehicle.

2. Remove the drive block bolts from the bottom of the seat frame one at a time and remove the plastic spacer from the old bolt and install it onto the new bolt.

3. Reinstall the new bolt into the bottom of the seat frame and tighten to 11 ft.-lbs. Repeat for the remaining bolts. And re-install the seat(s).

The new drive block bolts are available as P/N 68203613AA.

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