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Inspecting Dodge Throttle for Deformation

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 1)  Throttle body air inlet; 2) Air cleaner box connection.

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This bulletin applies to 2013 Dodge Dart vehicles equipped with a 2.0L engine. The bulletin involves inspecting the throttle body air inlet cuff for signs of deformation, which may result in needed replacement of the engine cover. Some vehicles may have been built with the throttle body air inlet cuff that may have had the cuff rolled during installation.  

Inspect the cuff for deformation by using your fingers to feel for the bottom rib of the cuff just below the clamp. If the bottom rib of the cuff is not properly seated and sealed around the circumference of the throttle body, unplug the air temperature sensor, loosen the screw clamp on the engine cover to throttle body, loosen the screw clamp from the engine cover to the air cleaner box and pull the cover off vertically. 

Install a new cover, P/N 68146205AB. Start by slipping the engine cover air inlet hose onto the air cleaner box. Then rotate the engine cover down and under the cowl panel. Line up the throttle body air inlet cuff with the throttle body and push the cover down ensuring that the cuff does not get rolled during installation. Verify that the cuff is not rolled by feeling the circumference of the throttle body for any deformations.

Make sure that the engine cover is secured into the retaining grommets. Tighten the air cleaner box clamp to 25 in-lb., tighten the throttle body clamp to 44 in-lb., and re-attached the air temperature sensor.

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