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Another Ford Diesel Glitch

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Another Ford diesel glitch

Some 2013 Ford F-Super Duty 6.7L diesel equipped vehicles may exhibit a MIL-on with any of the following DTCs:  P2002, P208e, P06EA, P06EB. A calibration is available to improve the monitors for the listed DTCs.

Additionally; this calibration includes content to simplify the process for exiting the diesel exhaust fluid anti-tampering strategy forced-idle mode. This mode is indicated by the message center displaying Exhaust Fluid System Fault.

1. Using an Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) or equivalent, check for DTCs Are any of the DTCs listed previously present, or is the vehicle in forced idle mode with the message center displaying Exhaust Fluid System Fault?

a. No…this bulletin does not apply. Refer to Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnosis manual.

b. Yes…Proceed to Step 2.

2. Reprogram the PCM to the latest calibration using IDS release 84.03 or higher.

3. Reset/clear the diesel particulate filter (DPF) parameter tables: Resetting/clearing the adaptive learn tables can be accomplished with IDS by selecting: Toolbox, Powertrain, Service Functions, Diesel Particulate Regeneration System, DPF Parameter Reset.

a. The adaptive learn tables for the DPF are not reset during PCM reprogramming and will need to be reset/cleared to prevent the codes from being set falsely.

4. Is the vehicle in forced-idle mode after reprogramming?

a. No….repair is complete.

b. Yes…Remove from forced idle mode by cycling the ignition switch.

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