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Chevy Cruze Switch Needs the Right Torque

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Oil pressure switch for LUW and LWE: 30 lb-ft.

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This bulletin applies to 2011-2013 Chevy Cruze vehicles. If replacement of the oil pressure switch is necessary, it is important to torque the switch to the correct specification.

There is the possibility to have one of two switches available for replacement. Each switch requires a different torque specification depending on which engine is involved.

Switches designed for engines LUW and LWE  require 30 lb-fit, while switches designed for LUW, LWE, LUJ, LUV and LUU require 15 lb-ft.

CHEVY02 TSB.pngOil pressure switch for LUW, LWE, LUJ, LUV and LUU:  15 lb-ft.


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