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Fixing Mazda Water Intrusion

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A) Breather pipe grommet has been changed; B) ABS speed sensor harness grommet; C) coupling unit; D) Breather pipe.

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This bulletin applies to 2013-2016 Mazda CX-5 AWD vehicles built before July 1, 2016. Some vehicles may exhibit one or both of the following concerns:

- Noise from coupling unit while driving

- 4WD warning light on with DTC P1887:11-14 stored in memory

The DTC indicates an electronic 4WD control system wiring system failure. The breather pipe grommet, located in the trunk, may be submerged in water that penetrated through the rear ABS wheel speed sensor harness grommet during a high pressure car wash. The water enters the coupling unit through the breather pipe. This creates rust inside the coupling unit which causes internal wiring harness damage.

The configuration of the breather pipe grommet has been changed to prevent water from entering the breather pipe, even if water accumulates in the trunk.

- Remove the RH trunk side trim and check inside the trunk around the breather pipe grommet

      for traces of water/moisture.

- If water is found, remove/dry the area.

- Apply butyl tape around the ABS wheel speed sensor harness grommet to seal between the

      grommet and body panel.

- Replace the rear differential if needed (MASH approval needed)

- Replace the breather pipe and replace with a new modified part.

- Firmly attach the grommet to the body panel. Reinstall the trunk side trim.

MAZDA02.jpgOriginal pipe and grommet (left) and new modified part (right). 


P/N                                PART

KE02-27-090............breather pipe

KAT1-27-020A..........rear differential

PE23-40-305............converter middle pipe gasket (2)

9994-61-000.........converter middle pipe lock nut (4)

D651-33-042A.......nut (2)

RTA1-25-421......... c-CLIP (2)

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