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Every now and then we like to bring you up to speed with regard to new tools and equipment that have recently hit the market and should be of interest in terms of capabilities and features.

Diagnostic System

1022_ASP_Tools Continental web.jpgPhoto Credit: Continental


The Continental Autodiagnos Pro Automotive Diagnostic System has been designed and built by developers who build diagnostic tools for Original Equipment Manufacturers, and it uses the same OEM scan tool development platform. Continental’s scan tool is continuously enhanced to help streamline vehicle diagnosis and repair. In addition to domestic applications, the tool covers leading European makes, including recently added coverage for 1.5 million Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the United States and Canada, as well as a wide range of Asian and domestic makes.

The Autodiagnos Pro Automotive Diagnostic System — which can utilize an existing laptop, tablet or other compliant PC — is offered on a subscription-based model so there is no large, up-front investment.

On the TPMS side, Continental offers two dedicated TPMS tools: Autodiagnos TPMS SE, which allows technicians to focus on TPMS service and Autodiagnos TPMS D which provides both diagnostic and service capabilities. An optional tread depth gauge can be coupled with the TPMS D tool to support tire, front-end and suspension sales. Both tools use Continental specific software to streamline TPMS service and diagnostics.

Autodiagnos TPMS D reads and diagnoses 100% of OE TPMS sensors and 20 aftermarket TPMS brands. The Autodiagnos SE works with 100% of OE sensors and sensors from Continental’s Redi Sensor and Schrader’s EZ-Sensor. “Both tools can easily perform relearns on 98.6% of all domestic, European, and Asian TPMS-compliant vehicles,” say Continental officials.

115-Degree Grinder

1022_ASP_Tools Florida Pneumatic AIRCAT web.jpgPhoto Credit: Florida Pneumatic


Florida Pneumatic has released a new Aircat 115-degree angle die grinder, the Aircat 115. The tool features 0.6HP and a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm. The 115-degree angle provides an ergonomically improved working angle, and the quick-change spindle lock provides easy bit changes. It’s a great alternative to straight or 90-degree versions.

Versatile Frame Lift

1022_ASP_Tools BendPak web.jpgPhoto Credit: BendPak


BendPak has released the new MDS-6EXT mid-rise vehicle lift. While the dual-scissor pneumatic system is applicable to a wide variety of vehicles, the extended lift is ideal for servicing electric vehicles that may feature lift points that exist on the outer edges of the vehicle underbody. The lift is also configurable to accept vehicles that have very low ground clearance and/or that are equipped with very wide tires. Load capacity is rated at 6,000 pounds. The lift is designed for either above-ground or floor-flush placement.

Ergonomic Orbital Polisher

1022_ASP_Tools Milwaukee_Tool web.jpgPhoto Credit: Milwaukee Tool


Milwaukee Tool offers a new cordless electric random orbital polisher, the M18 Fuel15mm. The polisher provides an operating speed range from 2,650 to 5,100 rpm, and an eight-position speed dial for easy speed selection. The polisher is designed with user convenience in mind, with low  vibration, low noise and an extended length for superior operating balance.

Diagnostics and Battery Tester

1022_ASP_Tools Matco Tools web.jpgPhoto Credit: Matco Tools


Matco Tools offers its Maximus 4.0 scan tool. The new diagnostic tool provides a viewer-friendly 13.3-inch screen, CAN FD, a battery analyzer mode, a four-channel scope and FCA security gateway access. A Bluetooth battery tester allows quick battery diagnosis/condition/issue identification. Also available is Tech 2 remote diagnosis that allows the technician to consult directly with experts remotely when dealing with difficult and complex diagnostic issues.

New Diagnostic Tablet

1022_ASP_Tools Launch Tech web.jpgPhoto Credit: Launch Tech


Launch Tech USA offers its new pro-level Millennium MAX diagnostic system. The tablet features a seven-inch touchscreen and supports full diagnostic capabilities. Features include automatic VIN identification and supports for CAN FD and Do1P protocols. Software updates are easy via Wi-Fi.

Light Source

1022_ASP_Tools Streamlight.jpgPhoto Credit: Streamlight


Streamlight announces its newest addition, the cordless/rechargeable BearTrap Multi-Function work light. Offering bright, worker-friendly illumination, the light features both spot lighting and flood lighting selection in low, medium and high illumination levels. If the charge drops, the light can continue to operate while plugged in and recharging. The BearTrap can be used as a stand-alone, hung with the built-in stowable hook or it will clamp to a variety of surfaces. A magnetic base is also featured for secure mounting to a steel surface. It is ideal for underhood, under-car or under-dash lighting.

Smoke Detector

1022_ASP_Tools Mastercool web.jpgPhoto Credit: Mastercool


The Mastercool Dual EVAP/High Pressure diagnostic smoke machine takes smoke detection to the next level. The versatile smoke machine with a truck adapter accessory kit handles smoke detection for EVAP issues, turbocharger systems, intake systems and even heavy-duty truck smoke testing. The tool features an internal compressor, allowing mobile testing when shop air is not available, but still allows the use of shop air (or inert gas) if needed.

ADAS/Alignment Combo

1022_ASP_Tools Autel web.jpgPhoto Credit: Autel


Autel offers its newly released Intelligent ADAS system for ADAS calibration and wheel alignment applications. The ADAS IA900WA offers a single system that combines ADAS calibration capabilities with wheel alignment function in one space-saving package. The alignment system software covers 1996 and later domestic and import applications, providing a 24-inch touchscreen for user convenience. Six high-res tracking cameras automatically monitor on-lift vehicle height and robotic frame movement allows alignment accuracy readings to 0.02-degrees. Combining ADAS service and alignment service into one package is especially useful when shop floor space is at a premium.

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