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There’s the Rub

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There’s the Rub

Some owners of 2010-2011 Dodge Compass or Caliber vehicles equipped with the 2.2L diesel engine and built between 7-26-2010 and 11-17-2010 may notice that engine coolant is weeping from the cooling system.

This condition is likely caused by the coolant reservoir bottle hose coming in contact with the serpentine belt and/or A/C pulley, with a rub-through on the reservoir hose.

If this issue is verified, proceed with the following repair to replace and re-locate the hose:

1. Loosen the two bolts on the coolant reservoir bottle.

2. Inspect the hose for damage. If found, replace the hose. Ensure that the white mark on the hose is aligned with the mark on the coolant recovery bottle. This will allow for proper routing of the hose away from the belt and pulley. Tighten the two bolts on the bottle, then follow the procedures found in DealerCONNECT>TechCONNECT>07Cooling>Standard Procedure>Coolant Air Evacuation. This procedure allows for a quick and complete coolant refill while removing any air locks present in the system.

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