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Audi Ignition Lock Issue

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Audi Ignition Lock Issue

This bulletin applies to 2013 Audi vehicles that feature keyless ignition, such as the Q5 model. The message “ignition lock faulty” may appear in the instrument cluster. The keyless unlocking/locking using the door handle and the trunk lid handle is inoperative, and the engine cannot be started with the start/stop button. The remote keys are inoperable.

DTC 00166 (access/start authorization switch-E415-incorrect signal) may be stored in the comfort system central control module J393 (address word 46).

It is possible that objects have been inserted into the ignition lock, causing the slide of the ignition lock to become stuck in the rear part of the lock (S-contact position). This does not allow the slide to return to the starting point (0-position).

1. With the ignition lock installed in the vehicle, return the slide to its starting point.

2. Insert your index finger into the ignition lock. Gently press the slid to the end stop and release, allowing the slide to bounce back.

3. With your index finger, hold the lower locking latch and pull the slide out approximately 7 mm.

4. Light compressed air may be used to blow out dirt or debris from the ignition lock.

5. Explain to the customer that the problem is caused by inserting unsuitable objects into the ignition lock.

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