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Infiniti Click

This bulletin applies to a number of Infiniti vehicles, including 2008-2009 G37 Coupe, 2009 FX35/FX50, 2008-2009 M35/M45 and 2007-2009 G35 Sedan.

A clicking noise may be heard from the left and/or right rear axle when accelerating from a stop.

Remove both left and right driveshafts, clean the flange surface of the outer joints on the driveshafts and apply a specific amount of Molykote M77 grease.


Molykote M77 Grease………..…….44003-7S000

Driveshaft side flange bolts (12)…..39606-17V0A

Cotter pin (2)………………...………40073-0L700

Nut-lock, wheel BRG (2)……..…….40262-2Y000

Place a mark on the end of the driveshaft and a matching mark on the hub to use as a reference during reassembly.

Clean the flange surface of the outer joint of the driveshaft.

Using an amount of M77 grease about the diameter of a U.S. quarter (1.2 – 4.0 gram), apply the grease to the entire flat surface of the outer joint on the driveshaft. Note that the amount of grease is critical. Do not apply too little or too much.

Re-install the driveshaft, 180-degrees from the position it was removed (refer to your matchmarks).

Replace the center locknut with a new nut, and tighten the locknut to 133 to 136 ft.-lbs., using a torque wrench. Do not use an impact wrench. In the nut is over-tightened, clicking will re-occur. If under-tightened, looseness will occur.

Install new side flange bolts and tighten to 54 ft.-lbs.

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