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Fixing Honda RES Freeze

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Example of screen showing A030. 

| Photo Credit: Mitchell 1

This bulletin applies to 2018-2019 Honda Odyssey vehicles equipped with the RES (advanced rear entertainment system) feature. The RES screen may freeze or go blank while in use, accompanied by a camera system problem. A message “image cannot be displayed” may appear on the display audio screen while using Cabin Watch (if so equipped). The RES control unit may have a software or hardware issue. Check the RES control unit hardware and software versions. Based on your results, either replace the RES control unit or update the software.

Enter diagnostics by pressing and holding the Home icon, Day/Night icon and the Vol/Power Audio knob, then select Detailed Info, Unit check, Most Nodes and RCU. Scroll down and check hardware version. If you see A010 or A110, go to the repair procedure. If you see A030 or A130, go to the software inspection/update procedure.


Enter dealer diagnostics as described earlier and scroll up and check Software Version. Is version 21 or higher displayed? If yes, the software is already up to date. Continue with normal system troubleshooting. If no, update the system by way of System Updates.

HONDA02.pngExample of screen showing up-to-date 21. 
|Photo Credit: Mitchell 1 


Disconnect the 12-volt battery. Remove the glove box. Remove the right side kick panel and remove the RES control unit. Use the 90-degree FAKRA A puller tool (07AAC-THRA 100) to remove the connectors. Remove the RES control unit bracket. Install the bracket to a new RES control unit. Reinstall and connect the 12-volt battery. If RES replacement is needed, use P/N 39450-THR-A04 for EX-L vehicles or 39450-THR-A14 for Touring and Elite vehicles.

HONDA03.jpgView of RES control unit. 
|Photo Credit: Mitchell 1 


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