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Toyota Updates Trailer Brake Control

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Choose the desired ECU group(s) in the Health Check dialog box. 

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Some owners of 2016-2017 Toyota Tundra trucks have expressed dissatisfaction with the braking feel of the integrated trailer brake controller. Revised software for the trailer brake control ECU has been developed to provide an alternative trailer braking feel. Toyota notes that the brake control relay with bracket should not be replaced as part of this repair procedure.

TOY02 (2).pngCheck for the existing calibration ID. 
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Toyota says to use Techstream with software version 12.10.018 or later. Do not use Techstream Lite or the TDT diagnostic tester for the reprogramming. With Techstream connected (and GR8 battery station for maintaining correct voltage), click the Health button on the system select tab. Click Next. Click “continue” to view Health Check results. Is the calibration ID listed in the ECU the latest? If yes, continue with normal diagnostics. If no, flash reprogram the trailer brake control ECU. Previous calibration IDs may be 8954F0C011 or 8954F0C012. The new calibration ID is 8954F0C013.

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