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Arguing Audi

This bulletin applies to 2012 Audi A6 Sedan models. The customer may report that the ignition key cannot be removed despite selecting mode “P.” The vehicle is mechanically in Park but park is not recognized electronically. The customer is not able to move the shifter from the park position. On vehicles with an advanced key, the vehicle cannot be locked by remote control after switching the engine off.

The selector lever adjustment “P” is sporadically not recognized. Therefore the ignition key is not cleared or the locking of the vehicle is prevented.

The following entry is often logged in the memory:

  05 – vehicle authorization system

  00230 – Switch for gearbox position 00230 ..disruption/short circuit to positive/earth sporadic.

Audi has developed an optimized selector lever as a solution.

Try to reproduce the customer complaint. The following repair must only be carried out if all criteria described in this bulletin match exactly. Otherwise the solution will not work.

1. Check whether further entries are logged in control units such as ABS, vehicle authorization system, engine, gearbox, etc. If this is the case, complete the guided fault finding. This TSB is only for the fault listed above.

2. If there is no fault, check the following points:

  • Adjust the shift cable according to the repair manual.
  • Check the selector lever and the release button for ease of movement.
  • Lubricants and oils can contaminate the micro switches (F305) and lead to long-term damage. Do not apply lubricants such as silicon oil to the gearshift housing, even if the gearshift housing appears to be stiff.
  • Measure the resistance of the switch F305 (required value in Position P about 470 Ohm).
  • Replace switch F305 if out of spec, being careful not to break the tabs on the housing.

3. Adjust/repair any damage found. If no damage is found, replace the complete gearshift housing.

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