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This bulletin applies to 2004-2007 Dodge Durango models. An axle whine-like sound may be heard coming from the rear axle. The specific sound will occur when the rear axle is fully warm and only at speeds that are greater than 55 mph. The sound will occur more frequently during light acceleration or while maintaining vehicle speed (off throttle/coast) driving maneuvers.

The repair procedure will reduce the axle whine-like sound intensity and only if the condition occurs when the axle is fully warm and at speeds greater than 55 mph.


QTY               P/N                                ITEM

2…………52122188AA………….Damper, C-Pillar Mass

4…………04895415AB………….Spacer (washer – two per side)


1. Raise the vehicle on a lift.

2. In front of the left rear wheel, locate the left-side C-Pillar body mount consisting of the upper body-to-frame isolator and the lower rebound isolator.

3. Leaving the original upper and lower C-Pillar body mount isolators in place, remove and discard the C-Pillar body mount isolator bolt.

4. With the original lower rebound isolator held in its correct position, install the new damper parts in the following order:

  a. Place the two spacer washers against the lower side of the lower rebound isolator.

  b. Place the mass damper (oriented correctly) against the spacers. The recessed side of the donut shaped damper will face towards the ground and towards the head of the new bolt.

  c. Place the new longer bolt through the mass damper, both spacers, lower rebound isolator, vehicle frame, upper body to frame isolator and into the body.

5. Verify that all components are installed correctly. If installed correctly, the new mount component order should be from top to bottom, the vehicle body, body to frame damper and the new fastener bolt.

6. Tighten the new left side C-Pillar body mount fastener to 60 ft.-lbs.

7. Perform the above procedure to the right side C-Pillar body mount.

8. Lower the vehicle and test drive.

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