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Escalade Liftgate

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Escalade Liftgate

Some owners of 2013 Cadillac Escalade AWD vehicles may complain that the power liftgate is inoperative from all switches and the keyless entry transmitter only with the ignition in the off position. If the ignition switch is in the accessory or run position, the liftgate will operate.

Check for power on the “Accessory Wake Up Data Line” going to the ECM and the TCM. With the key in the accessory position, check for battery voltage on circuit 5985 going to Pin 18 of connector 1 of the ECM and Pin 11 (MT1 transmission) or Pin 9 (for MYC transmission) to the TCM. If no voltage is present with the key in the accessory position, check for a wiring or pin fit concern.

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