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Tiguan Haldex Clutch Inoperative

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Tiguan Haldex Clutch Inoperative

This bulletin applies to 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles. The vehicle may exhibit poor performance accompanied by various warning lights such as ESP.

The following entries may be logged:

  SAE code 1324 (module for four-wheel drive, no signal/communication)

  SAE code 1324 (module for four-wheel drive, implausible signal)

  SAE code 1316 (brakes module, no signal/communication)

  SAE code 1312 (data bus drive, no signal/communication)

Inspect the wiring harness end connector on the Haldex module for corrosion/oxidation.

If necessary, replace the adapter harness P/N 5NO 971 166 and the module for Haldex clutch P/N OAY598554A or OAY598554B.

Remove the seat bench. Remove the fuel pump cover and disconnect the plug.

Connect the new wiring harness with the original harness connector on the vehicle and tape the connection.

Raise and support the vehicle.

Disconnect the harness connector on the Haldex module.

Install the new Haldex Control Module P/N OAY598554A or OAY598554B (see repair manual group 39 rear final drive).

Release the harness retainer. Carefully pull out the original Haldex wiring harness, while pulling through the new harness.

Remove the adhesive tape. Secure the harness retainer of the new wiring loom from above into the access hole. Connect the remaining harness connector to the Haldex module.

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