Andreoli releases multi-job service estimating and quick lube software

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Andreoli releases multi-job service estimating and quick lube software

Andreoli & Associates Inc. (A&A), a tire and auto service software developer, has released ServiceCAT, a multi-job service estimating and quick lube module that is integrated with the company's HITS BPOS cloud-based point-of-sale software.

The estimating software uses Mitchell labor for job times. Service intervals, both severe and normal, are included.

“Rather than the service writer having to look up parts from multiple parts vendors' web sites, ServiceCAT performs those searches simultaneously,” says Mike Andreoli, president of A&A.

“All selected parts, labor, and specifications can be saved to an estimate or repair order. Once the customer authorizes the repair, parts from multiple vendors can be ordered with one click.”

Andreoli says that Chris Brazzeal of Brazzeal Tire in Tampa, Fla., has been using a pre-release version of ServiceCAT for more than an month.

“My service writer, who has been in the business for years, says that ServiceCAT is hands-down the easiest and fastest estimating system he has ever used,” says Brazzeal.

Andreoli says the module's vehicle specific oil change function (VSOC) helps with loss control as the system automatically defaults to the correct quantity of oil for the vehicle.

Says Brazzeal, “VSOC alone is going to pay for the entire module, so we see ServiceCAT as a revenue generator, not an expense. Plus, with the variations in viscosity and capacities of today's vehicles, having the vehicle's specifications and correct quantity listed right on the customer's invoice has taken on more importance.”

A video showing an estimate being created with ServiceCAT can be seen at

Andreoli & Associates was founded in 1985 and has been providing software to the tire and auto service industry since 1986. For more information about the company and its Articles, visit

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