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Converter Clutch Sticking

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Converter Clutch Sticking

This bulletin applies to 2013 GMC Acadia 4WD vehicles equipped with the 6T70 automatic transmission.

Some customers may comment on either of the following:

  • Engine shudder when stopping. The shudder will feel like driving a manual transmission equipped vehicle and braking to a stop without disengaging the clutch.
  • Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) is on and DTC P0742 is found in the TCM as an active or history code.

The torque converter clutch solenoid in the TECHM can stick due to debris in the transmission. When the vehicle is at the end of a coast-down, as the vehicle is coming to a stop, a stuck solenoid will fail to release the torque converter clutch. This keeps the engine directly connected to the driven wheels. As the vehicle stops, the engine speed will be pulled down below normal idle speed and the engine may stall. The vehicle can be immediately restarted and driven.

If either of the two conditions detailed above are encountered, the TEHCM (Valve, Control Solenoid with Body and TCM) should be replaced. Refer to the Control Solenoid Valve and Transmission Control Module Assembly Replacement procedure in SI.

Part Number   Description                                                                       Quantity

24264346         Valve Assembly, Control Solenoid (with/Body and TCM)   1

24264343         Body Kit, Control/Valve                                                       1

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